Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Contoh Sebuah Percakapan Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

Percakapan ini saya buat karena ada salah satu mata kuliah yaitu Bahasa Ingris oleh,,,, mungkin dalam percakapan ini masih terdapat banyak kesalahan ataupun kekeliruan dalam grammarnya karena mungki saya ini masih amatiran belum profesional hahahahaa,,,, 
kelamaan ini adalah percakapan yang saya buat mungkin terlalu singkat tapi inilah hasil karya cipta saya sendirin:

Ag           ;hey zar,,, why you was not school yesterday?
Ni            ; I am very busy,,, my partner is sick ,,, so I must handel all him work,,,
All           ; ohhhh….
Yu           ; is not good…
Ag           ;  how your other partner??
Ni            ; we can’t handel all,,, because the order is very much,,,
Fa           ; very good,,, is’n it?
Fe           ; is not true,,, because of  there was assignment yesterday
Ni            ; what’s assigment?
Fe           ; English assignment,,, about,,, whats up gus???
Ag           ; a,,, we must search an article about Simple Future tenses,,, we can write in a book or print out this assignment,,,
Fa           ; yeah,,, it will be a matery for quiz next week…
Ni            ; are you sure ?,,, I am not a ready for quiz,,,
Yu           ; yes, I am not a ready for this quiz too,,,
Fe           ; how we work it together ???mumpung guruny blum dtang,,,
Ag           ; I agree with you,,, I bring my laptop now,,,
Fa           ; all right,,, are you bring modem too?
Ag           ; ohhh,,, I am not have a modem,,, what’ you???
Fe           ; wait a minute,,, my feeling said if I bring my modem at my bag,,,
Yu           ; yes,,, search it now ?
Fe           ; yeah,,, this is it,,,
Ag           ; which? Give me your modem,,,I want to plug in ,,,
Fe           ; ok,,, this is it,,, lets search !!!
Fa           ; wow,,, very good,,, where are you buy it?
Fe           ; I buy it in K-link shop,,, at front of Sakinah hospital,,,
Yu           ;how much these cost?
Fe           ; around 300,000(three hundred rupiah),,
Ni            ; ohh its so very expensive,,, why are you buy other ???
Fe           ; it’s the best at the time,,,
Ag           ; hey,,, you are noise,,, I have search my matery,,, change you now?
Fa           ; change me,,, where are you search it?
Ag           ; I search it in google ,,, heheheee,,,
Yu           ; I search it too…
Fa           ; ok …
Ni & Fe ; we too…
Fa           ; well,,, one matery 10000, right ?? hehehehe
Yu           ; you are very materealistic,,,,
Fa           ; haahahhaaa,,, just kid guys,,, relax,,, its free,,,

Proses mencari,,,,
Fe           ; are you finish search it?
Fa           ;yes,,, I have serch all matery for our homework now,,, 
Fe           ;who are print this matery ???
Yu           ; not me,,, because I am not have a printer machine,,,
Ag           ; not me too,,,
Ni            ; ok,,, I will print this matery,,, but which your many??? Hehehe
Fe           ; how much???
Ni            ; around 5000 rupiah for one people…
Yu           ; okeee,,, this money for all,,,
Ag           ; oh no,,, I want pay it for myself,,,
Yu           ; please,,, may I pay it for this time,,,
Fa           ; yes,,, thank you very much,,,
Ni            ;thanks yeah Yul,,,
Fe           ; well,,, now we must go home guys,,, but is over night,,,
Fa           ; yeah,,, I want to work tonight too,,,
Ag           ; come on guys,,, we have prepare and go home now,,,
Yu           ; ok ok,,, lets go guys,,,

Writer ; Achmad efendi

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